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Hare Mug


Ceramic mug featuring Merlin the Hare

Merlin is also available as a fine art print and a greetings card.

*dishwasher safe*


Merlin the Brown Hare

Pencil drawn Brown Hare printed onto a ceramic mug.

Free UK shipping.

*dishwasher safe*

Biology & Literature

The European Hare – lepus europaeus – also known as the Brown Hare is native to Europe and part of Asia. They look very similar to rabbits but are larger, have longer ears & hind legs and breed on the ground rather than in a burrow. Hares can be quite elusive especially now that they are in decline around the British Isles. They can be spotted more easily in March – the month of the mad March Hare – where they can be seen having boxing matches in fields. It was originally thought that the boxing matches were between males fighting over females, in fact the boxing tends to be females fighting off makes if they aren’t quite ready to mate!

The most famous hare from literature has to be Haigha the March Hare from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.


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