Mini Honey Bee Framed Print


Honey Bee

Mini framed Beatrix the Honey Bee print. Printed from an original pencil drawing.

Frame measures 10cm x 11cm

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Mini Honey Bee Framed Print

Honey Bee print measuring 4.5cm x 3.5cm. They look really cute stood alone or stacked in sets of three. Printed from an original pencil drawing.

The mini framed honey bee print can also be ordered in a black frame, if you would like it in black please leave a note during the payment process or send a separate email with your order to

Biology & Literature

The Honey Bee – apis mellifera– and all other bees are absolutely vital to the survival of humans, we need them as pollinators. It’s estimated that bees pollinate 70% of crop species needed to feed 90% of the world making them worth around $30million per year. Bees have been in decline due to habitat loss, pesticides, disease and parasites but in recent years they appear to be making a comeback with the increasing popularity in beekeeping. Some experts suggest that the rise in beekeeping may not help the species if not done correctly i.e. Setting up more hives without more sources of hector. What bees need are more flowers, their favourites include foxglove, lavender, rosebay, willow herb, borage and sunflowers, these will also encourage butterflies and other nector loving insects to visit.