Mini Frank the Mouse Framed Print


Frank the Mouse

Mini framed Wood Mouse print. Printed from an original pencil drawing.

Frame measures 10cm x 11cm

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Frank the Mouse

Mini Mouse print measuring 4.5cm x 3.5cm. They look really cute stood alone or stacked in sets of three. Printed from an original pencil drawing.

The mini mouse print can also be ordered in a black or wooden effect frame, if you would like it in black or wood effect please leave a note during the payment process or send a separate email with your order to

Biology & Literature

Wood Mice – apodemus sylvaticus – sometimes known as the Long Tailed Field Mouse is a common rodent found in most of Europe and parts of North Africa. They prefer woodland, grassland and gardens but are known to break into our homes which unfortunately has them labelled as pests and vermin. Despite being quite an unpopular animal Frank has remained the most popular seller at markets and events, he was originally drawn in 2009 for a friend who wanted a pet mouse but was unable to have pets where she lived, so naturally a mouse was drawn in pencil, framed and given as a substitute pet mouse!

There are many famous mice featured in literature, TV and film, most notable are Mickey and Minnie, Jerry from Tom and Jerry, Speedy Gonzales, Pinky and the Brain, Stuart Little and the mouse from The Green Mile to name but a few.