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Ceramic printed stag mug

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The Stag is also available as fine art print & clock


Ceramic Mug featuring Searàs the Stag

Diahwasher safe

Biology, Art & Literature

Red Deer – cervus elaphus – are the largest species of deer in the UK and 4th largest worldwide. They’re generally used as a food source for humans which lead to a decline in populations in the UK but with conseration efforts their populations are now steadily rising.

This drawing was loosley based on the painting ‘Monarch of the Glen’ by Sir Edwin Landseer which was displayed on my Great Granny Frame’s mantle piece when I was a child, I wanted my stag to be standing proud with a full set of antlers and a huge mane just like him. Seoras is one of my favourite drawings as he represents my Scottish Great Grandmother & my love of Scotland.

Bambi is probably the most well known fictional Deer, although he was a white tailed deer rather than a Red Deer. The animated film was made by Disney in 1942 and was based on the book Bambi, A Life in the Woods by Austrian author Felix Salten.